Month: October 2011

37 Rich and Rustic Sweet Potato Recipes

37 Rich and Rustic Sweet Potato Recipes

There’s nothing more satisfying than a melty sweet potato gratin or a bowl of lentil, sweet potato, and bacon soup on a cool day. Topped with a layer of golden-brown torched marshmallows, a sweet potato casserole always plays a starring role in our holiday spread. We love incorporating hearty sweet potatoes into fall and winter dishes.

Although you’re probably most familiar with the classic orange sweet potato, there’s a whole spectrum of colors and flavors that sweet potatoes can fall on. They can be white or purple, slightly sweet or on the savory side. The versatile tuber can transition between sweet and savory in a flash. It brings earthiness and warmth to our favorite holiday desserts, like sweet potato pie, and subtle, natural sweetness to entrées and sides. Higher in fiber and lower in calories than a russet or a Yukon gold, the sweet potato is a great healthier alternative to starchy spuds. Plus, a simple baked sweet potato topped with a pat of butter and a dash of cinnamon is absolutely irresistible.

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